Innovation & Sustainability Chemistry Consortium

An international multidisciplinary chemistry network providing a training and research environment for future international chemistry leaders in India and United Kingdom



ISCC intends to achieve the goal of sustainability by engaging in the following research themes

Carbon Reduction and Environmental Remediation
Environmental pollution proliferated by the accumulation of carbonaceous gases in high levels has become one of the most critical societal challenges. Development of hybrid nanomaterials capable of harvesting the renewable solar energy as well as capturing and converting CO2 into fuels and commodity chemicals will be the main focus of this flagship.
Future Technologies
This flagship will explore the use of enabling technologies in Chemistry. New green, efficient and economically-relevant technologies developed by the research groups will allow chemists to incorporate new advances into their work at all levels of the chemistry development cycle.
Catalysis and Biocatalysis
The Main Focus of this flagship will be to explore alternative catalytic processes that offer environmental and economic advantages in the production of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals.
Sustainable Materials and Technologies
Exploration of fundamental or applied science related to nano-, micro-, meso-, and macro-scale aspects of materials for developing sustainable processes. Advanced material development with higher strength and light-weight will be the focus of this flagship for future applications.